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X-sail bag can be towedSpecifications

  • The x-sail weighs in at around 29kg 
  • It packs into a bag - 80 x 120 x 25 cm
  • Set up without tools in 5 -10 minutes.

Watch this happen here.

When it’s all packed away the X-sail can stay in the boot of the car, fit into the hall cupboard or under a bed.





The frame is crafted from 304-grade stainless steel tubing. Any other material simply doesn't withstand the rigours of X-sailing in a marine environment. The floor pan is stamped and laser etched stainless steel.




wheelThe mast and boom and rear axles are precision made from GRP – glass reinforced plastic. The mast is made in sections which fit neatly together to give a strong support but with enough flex to damp-out the effects of large gusts.


The 3.5m X-sail comes with a 4 section mast, and the 4.5m with an additional mast section which combines with those other 4 pieces to give you a 5 section mast. Likewise the 5.5m sail uses an extra mast section, and the 2.5m uses only 3 sections in total.

The rear GRP axles are built to be strong and yet provide enough flex to act as shock absorbers for a smoother ride.





The sail is fully battened, and is available in four sizes – 2.5m², 3.5m²,4.5m² and 5.5m². The X-sail is available either as 3.5m² or 4.5m² package with other sails as add-on options.

This gives a choice for different pilot weights, wind speeds and surfaces. For example, an 80kg person might use a 4.5m² sail in light winds on sand, but use a 3.5m² sail on tarmac for the same wind strength, because of the lower rolling resistance.

A larger person might prefer to use a 4.5m² on any surface, in all conditions. The question to ask when deciding which sail to buy is "Who is going to be using it?" If you will have a variety of users of different sizes then the 3.5m sail is your best choice

front wheel






A large front wheel provides positive direction and good grip while cornering, and all wheels are, of course, fitted with stainless steel bearings.






The x-sail can be used by anybody from as young as 4 (in light winds, and under supervision) up to 99 or over, and we’ve had people over two meters tall in one as well – there’s an optional X-tension footrest available as an accessory for taller people.

Because the x-sail is hand steered, there’s no need to adjust seats or pedals as you do on foot steered land yachts.



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