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X-sail X-cessories

We supply everything you will need to keep you safe and keep you smiling.
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Two's Company

 We'd like to introduce you to the X-tra Seat, which turns any X-sail into a 2 seater. 
It comfortably takes another adult or child, so that you can share the thrills of X-sailing. Check it out here.


Larger Wheels - 8" diameter hub

Our R & D team in Europe have extensively tested these and are amazed at the results.
They report that they can deliver about 40-60% more speed, and you can use a lighter
wind to get moving, and head much tighter to the wind.larger wheel kit for x-sail landyacht
They are also better in softer sand, and have a much more accurate steering turn.


It's an 8" hub, with top quality stainless steel bearings as usual, and a 4 ply top quality tyre. To use the bigger wheels on the front you need a new Longer Fork.
We have a Larger Wheel Kit available with all 3 wheels and the longer fork - everything you need to swap over from the standard wheels set.
Some people are buying 2 wheels to replace only the rear wheels , although if you want the full advantages of being able to head higher upwind, the full set is recommended.

Mast Adaptor for windsurf masts

Many of you have already experimented with windsurfing masts, with mixed results.
There are some good options available, especially carbon masts.
Up until now , you had to bodge a Mast Adaptor which would allow you to use the SDM (standard diameter mast) windsurf masts.
Our Mast Adaptor  is made from heavyweight stainless steel, and fits inside the X-sail mastbase. It then allows any SDM windsurf rig to fit over the top of it.
You can also add a stainless gooseneck for the boom, which fits easily around any larger diameter mast.

Apparent Wind Indicator

 If you've been using your X-sail to race other people, you'll appreciate that even a small change can sometimes make a huge difference. We've found this little gizmo to be worth it's weight in gold. It snaps easily around your mastbase, and lets you know the optimum direction to head to get the best speed. As you get faster your "apparent wind" direction changes, and therefore so does your optimum heading.



Personal X-sail Guide

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