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"It's great fun and is easy to ride. Not more than 15 min to learn."
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We sell direct to our customers.

  • You pay a fair price - you don't pay for fat layers of distribution, which add nothing to the value of the product.
  • You'll get the best Customer Service possible - because we handle it ourselves.
  • You get your order quickly
  • You get the highest possible quality for your money

Our UK Prices start at £1697 which inclues delivery and VAT

    We like to keep life simple - to manufacture high quality gear, sell it for a fair price, and keep our customers happy.
    We'll listen to you, and always be fair with you.
    We want you to enjoy our products, and doing business with us, because then you'll tell other people about us.
    When you tell people about us, and they buy an X-sail, we'll say "Thanks" by giving you a credit.
    Some customers have earned an X-sail completely FREE this way.

    The components for our products are sourced from suppliers from all over the world, selected because they have the same high standards we have, and because they ask a fair price.


    It comes complete with it's own towable carrybag, a sailbag, a mastbag, and a front chassis bag. Also included is a DVD with assembly instructions and user guidance, and a printed Handbook.

    In other words you'll have everything you'll need to get going immediately.

    You may want to think about extras like an extension footbar if you're over 6ft (1.83m).

    Next day delivery is FREE on all X-sail packages.




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