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Selecting the best weather

As a total beginner, you should avoid taking your X-sail out for the first time in very strong winds.

If the weather forecast predicts winds stronger than 20-25mph, be very cautious or even postpone your X-sailing.

If you are going somewhere used by lots of other windsport enthusiasts, then at least you have the chance to see who is doing what, and with what equipment. Don't hesitate to ask anyone you see. Most people will be glad to take the time to help out.


If you're going to a site on the coast don't forget to check the tide - we sell a very handy tide-table for anywhere in the UK and Northern Europe. It's best to leave at least 2 hours after high tide, and plan on being away from the beach by 1 hour before high tide. Every beach is different and you should watch out for the tide coming in behind you and cutting you off. Take local advice.


We sell windmeters so that you can guage exactly how strong the wind is before rigging your sail. They're accurate and not expensive.


The xcweather website tells you what the ACTUAL wind is at various locations, as well as having a prediction for later.

Metcheck is a good accurate forecast for the whole of the UK.


Another great thing about X-sailing is it doesn't matter if it's raining, or snowing - just dress appropriately.  



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