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Finding somewhere to do it


You don't need to be on a beach, you can X-sail in lots of places. The important thing is to make sure you do so responsibly and safely, and respecting anyone else who is around.

  • Car parks are great fun - if they are empty.
  • Playing fields are great if the grass is cut short and they're well drained.
  • Old airfields are fantastic - with a fast surface and few other users.
  • Artificial pitches are ideal, or even tennis courts out-of-season.
  • Any firmly packed surface, which is flat.

Once you own an X-sail your eyes open up to the possible sites you can use. There's probably somewhere very local to you which is ideal.

It's important that you think about where the wind's coming from, when you're planning to go somewhere - if there are buildings, trees or hills between where your site is and hwere the wind's coming from, then it will cut down the windspeed and cause flat-spots and  turbulence.


Ask on the X-sail Forum

Join our forum and introduce yourself. Not everyone who owns an X-sail uses the forum but it's worth asking if there is anyone in your area.

Join A Club

There may be a local club which will have information about regular sites. It may be a Kite club or Landyacht club.



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