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L’image de marque de X-sail monte encore d’un cran  et nous va direct au cœur.

Didier Fontaine, Corbehem

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Choosing your X-sail

You can buy the X-sail in 3 sizes.

Only the sail is different - the frame is identical for all 3 models.



  • If you can afford it buy the 3.5m + 4.5m X-sail package.
  • If you are the only user & weigh 75kg + buy the 4.5m X-sail.
  • For multiple users of different ages and weights (especially children) buy the 3.5m X-sail.

The best size sail to use depends on several things. Listed in order of importance they are

  • Your weight.
  • The wind speed.
  • The ground surface - tarmac or concrete (very fast), very hard sand (fast), softer sand (medium/fast) or grass (medium/slow).
  • Your experience - this is not so important as the other stuff.

So if you plan to use your X-sail on concrete 100% of the time, and your area always has strong winds, then you should buy the 3.5m X-sail.
If you will always use your X-sail on a beach with changing firmness of sand, and changing wind, then buy the 4.5m X-sail.
You can always buy an extra sail later, if your choice is too small or too big. 
The 5.5m and 2.5m sails can be bought as extras, for when the wind is very light, or very strong


It's perfectly normal for a complete beginner to buy an X-sail, read the instructions and be off and X-sailing straight away.

Don't expect to be winning races the first day, and there's still a lot to learn, but you'll be X-sailing safely and will have a huge grin on your face. 




Personal X-sail Guide

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