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X-sailing is remarkably easy to learn, and is a sport the whole family can enjoy.

We can provide you with your own Personal X-sail Guide, by answering a few questions and we can tell you the best package and best price for your needs.

Choosing your X-sail

You can buy the X-sail in 3 sizes.

Only the sail is different - the frame is identical for all 3 models.

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Finding somewhere to do it


You don't need to be on a beach, you can X-sail in lots of places. The important thing is to make sure you do so responsibly and safely, and respecting anyone else who is around.

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Selecting the best weather

As a total beginner, you should avoid taking your X-sail out for the first time in very strong winds.

If the weather forecast predicts winds stronger than 20-25mph, be very cautious or even postpone your X-sailing.

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Personal X-sail Guide

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