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As Seen on The Gadget Show

X-sail was asked to take part in a Camping Special for Channel 5's  The Gadget ShowGadget-Show-Suzi-Polly-900pix-websizeAfter a minimal amount of instruction presenter Pollyanna Woodward and guest Nikki Grahame (of Big Brother fame) were let loose on the beach at Westward Ho! in Devon. The wind was 8-12 mph. Nikki was very reluctant at first, but after only one lap was whooping and grinning. It was a great demonstration of how easy the X-sail is to use, even for folk who are not at all outdoorsy.

Series 15, Episode 16 of The Gadget Show on Channel 5 - this will open a new window on youtube but you should fast forward to 27 min 50 sec.


The edit shows the girls chatting away as they are X-sailing side by side, which looks sedate and unhurried. They had to be well in control to do the piece to camera, so you'll notice the girls were not pulling on the sheetrope and the sails were way out. When they were really going for it Pollyanna was doing wheelies and sliding round the turns like a crazylady, and Nikki got so confident that she decided to go her own way and head off up the beach for half a mile. 

I really enjoyed my experience in the X-sail. I love driving anyway, but this exceeded all expectation of how fun it would be and how beautiful it was having the beach and sea as the backdrop. It was one of the easiest things I've ever learnt to do, and to be honest I really didnt want to get out, but all good things must come to an end!

I would definitely say have a go if you're considering it, its more fun than you imagine, and if you dare, try doing it on 2 wheels.

Pollyanna Woodward, The Gadget Show

Suzi Perry was the other presenter, and was absolutely itching to get her bum in the X-sail. After filming was over she jumped in Pollyanna's X-sail and began to grin as soon as the wind filled the sail. Suzi was a very intuitive pilot, and quickly began to weight-shift and make tighter turns on the short course we'd marked out. She managed a few wheelies too, and we'd love to have Suzi and Pollyanna back for a proper session in a good blow. They would have a very close race, and it would be a hard one to call.




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