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"Your standards of service are absolutely astonishingly good."
Steve Skinner,
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About Us

X-sail is a brand with a solid history, and a bright future.

We love life, we love spending time outdoors with our growing families, and we love our work.

We could go on for hours in great detail about where we've been, what we've done, and why you should choose to shop with us - and we will if you phone and ask us to - but we prefer to let our products and our customers do the talking for us. They've been doing just that since we launched the first X-sail product in 2006, and we now have happy customers all over the UK and spreading into Europe.

"I'm truly stunned. After dinghys and cruising yachts sailed over 50 years I've never experienced exhiliaration like this. Thanks for a beautifully engineered product. Best wishes"
Chris Cooling, Kent

"Wow! Did I have fun, or what? Even my complete-novice, 73 yr old dad had a go. The X-Sail performs brilliantly at the limit and is placid and well-mannered in light-winds in the hands of a beginner. Thanks, so much. You blokes are fantastic."
Steve Skinner, Canterbury

"Got the beast about 3 this afternoon - a bit of feedback for you. Having not seen the x-sail in the flesh before I was really, really impressed when opened the bag - the etched stainless steel looks amazing and the fittings etc looked first class. I can't wait to get it out in it's element. I've only got one word of advice - get the name out there. It was only through a forum I found out about the x-sail. So glad I did - I very nearly missed out. Anyway thanks for the great service - feel free to use me as a satisfied customer reference. Regards"
Kelvin Clarke, Weston Super-mare

We like to keep life simple - to manufacture high quality gear, sell it for a fair price, and keep our customers happy.

We'll listen to you, and always be fair with you. We want you to enjoy your X-sail products, and to enjoy doing business with us because then you'll tell other people about us. When you do tell other people about us, and they buy something from us, we'll say Thanks by giving you a credit - some of our customers have told so many people about us that they've earned an X-sail completely FREE.

The components for our products are sourced from several suppliers from all over the world, selected because they have the same high standards we have, and because they ask a fair price.

We choose to sell direct to you because then we can be sure of 2 things.

  • You are being charged a fair price, and you are not being forced to pay for fat layers of distribution, which add nothing to the value of the product.
  • We know that you will get the best Customer Service possible - because we handle it ourselves.


    If it sounds like we're control freaks then we don't apologise for that. What you think about us matters, so please do get in touch if you have any comments about our website, our products or our staff.

    See you on the beach.

    Tom Duffin from Team X-sail



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