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The landyacht in a suitcase

The X-sail folds neatly into its pull-along suitcase.
It's designed and manufactured by our UK based company, and exported all over the world.
We sell direct to our customers to give the best value for money, and exceptional levels of customer service.

X-sail takes 1st,2nd and 3rd places

at the Kent Land Yacht Regatta against competitors in all other brands of mini-yacht.

Full Warranty for 2 Years

Our standard warranty is for a full 2 years - 24 months from date of purchase.stamp6

New Online Shop - in 5 languages.

Our new shop is live and ready to take your orders.
See all X-sail models, accessories and spares, and in 5 languages. The addition of Français, Deutsch, Nederland, and Español makes life easy for our European customers. Pay in € Euros or £ Pounds by credit card, debit card or bank transfer. Browse in your language now.

X-sail is the latest sensation in the world of wind sports.

It's not what X-sail IS that's so special, but what X-sail DOES.

X-sail takes you into a world of speed, and high adrenalin, without the need for hours of practice, and in a safe and controlled way.

It folds quickly out of its bag at your local car park, playing field or beach, and provides an instant buzz for all members of the family.

Witness 75 year old grannies shrieking gleefully as they overtake their grandkids, and watch as dads and mums go head to head - but most of all watch the enamel come off everyone's teeth as the grins grow ever wider.

shiny-floorpan-mediumThe X-sail is very simple to use - hand steered like a bike, and with only one sheet - the ropey bit - to control speed. It's so easy to learn that even small kids will be proficient enough to X-sail unattended in about 10 minutes.

X-sailing is a brilliant event for family and group activities and corporate events. The ease of use coupled with the fun and excitement, make X-sailing stand out as a sound investment for anyone involved in entertaining diverse groups. The X-sail is also a proven tool in the Education environment, where school and youth groups benefit from the ease of transportation, and the easy learning process. X-sailing is also proving to be an excellent introduction to (wet) sailing in addition to a sport in it's own right.

The X-sail was designed and developed in the UK, sourcing the highest quality materials, and using the very latest technology. The people who build them are skilled craftsmen who take great pride in their work.downhaul-medium

  • It's all stainless steel.
  • There's a choice of 4 sail sizes- 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 and 5.5m.
  • One size fits all - with an X-tension footbar available for those taller than 6ft.
  • It all fits in a suitcase sized bag.
  • It has a standard warranty for 2 years.
  • No tools required.
Please do call us if there is anything we can help you with.
We are very proud of our 100% Customer Satisfaction record.

+44 (0)131 313 1333.

The best time to call is between 10.30 and 5.30 Monday to Friday



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